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Quality Ingredients

Our products are made with only quality ingredients. Most of which are sourced locally

Your skin is going to love you!!

Most products are 100 percents natural, but we have items for persons that want sweet and luxury smelling items.

Whatever your needs, we got you !!

Making Beauty Products Since 2016

Morgans Creek Limited is a handmade cosmetic company in Jamaica, owned and operated by Joni-Dale Morgan. We delight ourselves in making products that are not only great on and for the skin, but also delivers a memorable experience. Each product is made with only the best from nature with their natural oils and butter, plant extracts, essential oils, fatty acids , vitamins, and great antioxidant properties which promote skin rejuvenation and improvement of its overall quality. Fresh ingredients are very important to Morgans Creek, as it feeds the skin just as fresh foods would do for the nurturing of our own body.

Treat Yourself.

Each product is made with special care incorporating as many natural items ,creating a unique and one of a kind product always aiming to deliver the best at an affordable cost.

All products are only tested by our lovely family and friends first and then shared with our you, our valued customers.

Joni-Dale Morgan

Creative Director

Our Director’s message

Morgan’s Creek was created from my own skincare issues associated with autoimmune disease lupus.

The skin is the largest organ, and it is the barrier between outside properties and our internal organs. So we have to take great care as dry and cracked skin can easily result in infection.

I also aim to bring back the handmade personal touch of cosmetic products that are lacking in today’s market.  Whilst all products are safe to be used on the skin or used in the space of our homes, we take great pleasure in making our items look edible , therefore “yummy for the skin “ .

I want for all my customers to look, feel and smell amazing in their natural skin !!!

Why Choose

Morgan’s Creek





Natural products

We have a wide range of natural products to choose from

Great reviews

Our products are not tested on any animals and have received great and amazing reviews especially for acne and eczema


Shower gels, lotions, mask, scrubs, bath bombs. We have a wide variety of products for your own personal skin routine and they make perfect gifts

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